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SubDevices on AMD HD5850

Question asked by Ragnar78 on Jul 27, 2012
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Hello everybody !


In the stardards, the following is said concerning the return value of clCreateSubDevices, when applied to my HD5850 graphic card.


"CL_INVALID_VALUE if values specified in properties are not valid or if values specified in properties are valid but not supported by the device. "


This is what my program returns when I try to partition my HD5850.
I tried several partition schemes but all ended up on that same return value... Creating a list with one device of 10 compute unit does not work eit


Replacing in my code CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU by CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU, I can partition my CPU accross all the possible schemes.


Therefore, I was wondering if the HD5850 was partitionable or if i was more likely to have a buf in my implementation ( which would be surprising, considering it works fine for the CPU.)


Thanks !