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Bug in 12.6 & beta 12.7

Question asked by scotslad on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by kcarney

I have deliberately put off upgrading my amd 6990 graphics card driver for months now, no reason really, just wanted to see what you guys would come up with.


Anyway, everything is fine with 12.6 and 12.7, BUT, I have a 42inch led screen and until touching the old graphic drivers like I said everythings been running fine, but not now !


Problem is, even when I go into the "overscan" setting and reduce it to zero, yes it works fine until the next computer boot up and then after that the screen is small again and I have to do it all again. (the picture reduces in size after reboot etc).


I am not stupid, I deleted the old drivers the correct way and installed the new ones the correct way etc, ive been doing this for years, so I know what I am doing unless you have made tweaks you have not told me about ?


But it is beggining to be a real pain in the neck !



I was a member of the previous forum but looks like that has closed now, but just thought I would say.


Hope someone can resolve this matter for me or at least tell me it will be fixed please a.s.a.p ? Thanks.