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    normal amd app sdk. when?


      i am noob. it's ok.

      today i've downloaded amd app sdk, i've downloaded pile of PDFs in documentation section, i've downloaded some examples.


      before i thought, that example - it is working primer, you downlod it, you complie it, you see how it is working, you digg into library.


      VolumeRendering_Win.zip - doesn't compile. deprecated api. waiste time.

      OVDecodeRender.zip - doesn't compile. deprecated api. waiste time.

      EigenValues - doesn't compile KernelWorkGroupInfo not member of streamsdk workspace. why? don't know. waiste time.

      here i stopped. i already spent my whole day for nothing.


      before i thought, that sdk - it is libraries as .lib, headers as .h, documentation as user and library guides, examples as tutorials.

      about amd app sdk - kernels, JIts, drivers, whatever instead of .lib and .h, nothing instead of normal manual, nothing instead of normal tutorial.


      i wonder, with this you are going to struggle against CUDA? or what?