Availability of some features in OpenCL 1.2

Discussion created by gpugpu2012 on Jul 21, 2012
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I am a CUDA developer shifting to OpenCL. I am facing lots of difficulties in understanding which of the below mentioned features are also available in OpenCl, just like in CUDA.


  1. Overlapping Kernel Execution  with some host function 
  2. Overlapping Multiple Kernel Executions
  3. Overlapping Kernel Execution with CPU-GPU or GPU-CPU memcpy 
  4. Overlapping CPU-GPU memcpy with GPU-CPU memcpy
  5. Copying data from  Host memory to device memory Or opposite, without involving CPU/GPu, i.e DMA
  6. Copying data from one GPU to another GPU directly, just like GPUDirect 
  7. Disabling certain no. of cores in GPU
  8. Recursion, and if yes, then what is the maximum depth 


If available, are these overlapping operations Concurrently executed  or executed in parallel(as the GPU is having multiple cores)?


I shall greatly appreciate response on this  If you can just give small pointers I will start exploring the details.