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    Multiple monitor spanning programmatically


      I have a dual monitor setup and I would like to span the desktop across both monitors programmatically. The functionality that I want is available in the Catalyst Control Center but I would like to be able to do it in source without having the Control Center installed.


      I have been pouring over the ADL documentation but cannot seem to find a way to do it. I want to exactly replicate what the Control Center does when you tell it to span across multiple monitors. This is on a E6760 and I don't see anyway to create display groups or the like so it appears to be separate from EyeFinity. Is this correct and does someone know how to do it?







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          So no one has an answer? I have a support request into AMD as well but that seems to be a black hole. I was at least able to get it to work but only when switching from a cloned setup to a vertically stretched setup, which is what I want. The only real problem with that is that it did not work when there was a fresh install of Windows XP (the embedded target) with the monitors in that cloned configuration. But if I set it to cloned through the Catalyst Control center then my code could successfully switch it to vertically stretched.