Check out Euston Station Taxis

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Euston Station is connected to the London Underground system, so there are connections on the Northern and Victoria line. There are a number of bus routes that are situated out the front of the station, Check out Euston Station Taxis providing alternative onward travel options. Taxis in Euston line up outside the main entrance and exit too, so you can be sure to hail a ride to your final destination. For those that are waiting to take a train from Euston to their chosen destination, there is a number of outlets to wait in. Whether you are doing so because you are a tad early for the train or because delays have held you up, there is a pub, cafes and shops to while away the time. People prefer to use train travel because the speedy service takes nearly half the time of driving. Depending how long your train journey is and where you have travelled from you may be feeling quite tired.