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amd app installation in virtual box

Question asked by dmeiser on Jul 20, 2012
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I'm trying to install the amd app sdk in a windows 7 64bit guest os in virtualbox. I would like to do this just for building OpenCL applications and testing them on a CPU. I'm not intending to run gpu applications inside virtual box. I just need to opencl runtime.


The installer for the amd app sdk v 2.7 (64bit) fails with an error message "Application Install: install package not supported on this platform". When I hit ok the other components (kernel analyzer and profiler) install, but when I try to run them they fail because they can't find the opencl dlls (e.g. aticalrt.dll).


So my questions are:


- Is it possible to install the AMD APP SDK in windows in virtual box?


- Are there any extra steps I need to take (e.g. some additional configuration in virtualbox)?


- Does a different version of the SDK work (e.g. 32bit or an older version)


Thanks a lot in advance.