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image2D and BGR 24 bits image

Question asked by Wheedle on Jul 19, 2012
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I have a simple question:

I want to process with OpenCL some video encoded in BGR 24 bits that I read with OpenCV. Basically it returns me a pointer to the frame data.

For the moment I use OCL buffers, and I want to use image2D instead.

It should be something like :

cl_image_format rgb_format;

          rgb_format.image_channel_order = CL_RGB;

          rgb_format.image_channel_data_type = CL_UNSIGNED_INT8;


but when I've checked at the standard the cl_image_format that i need to create is not allow.

Am I wrong? Did I miss something? And if I understood properly How could i solve my problem?


Thanks for your time,