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    PerfStudio command line parameters


      How can I pass command line arguments when starting PerfStudio server?


      For example, I have an application that takes the following options.


      app.exe -x_size 1024 -y_size 768 -config test.cfg


      How can I pass all those command line arguments?


      GPUPerfServer.exe app.exe -x_size 1024 -y_size 768 -config test.cfg


      If I do this, then I get error saying unsupported option.

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          Hi joohoon,


          Sometimes GPU PerfServer can get wedged. If you are having problems connecting, close GPU

          PerfStudio, and close GPU PerfServer by right clicking on the tray icon and selecting Exit.

          Next, restart GPU PerfStudio and then restart GPU PerfServer using the desktop shortcut or Start


          Start->All Programs->AMD->GPU PerfStudio 1.1->Restart Performance Server.