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Mixing FireGL w/ HD cards on Linux

Question asked by vermithrax on Jul 16, 2012

Hello folks,


I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion for the following problem.  I am faced with an admittedly bizarre workstation setup that I have to work around:

- onboard HD3300 AM graphics

- PCIe FireGL v5600 card

- PCIe FireGL v8600 card


These are driving a total of 4 displays, and all the cards have to be used--for reasons that aren't worth rehashing here.  While I've got a "single desktop" solution working with Xorg + Xinerama, it is killing the 3D acceleration.  I am wondering if anyone else has tried mixing & matching like this and managed to get the 3D acceleration working while still maintaining a single desktop?  (No, swapping to other multi-head cards is not an option in this case--I'm in configuration management hell.)  I've tried every kernel configuration I can think of, and while I found numerous ways of preventing Xorg from working, I haven't found a solution yet.


-kernel = 3.3.8

-using AMD AGPGart

-various recent Catalyst versions

-used aticonfig to establish base/working [Xorg.conf]


I know this is a desperate long shot, but I had to try.  (I doubt anyone is mixing these levels of H/W... it's just not a sane combo.  I'm surprised the driver can handle it at all, really.)


Thanks in advance.