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Firepro Drivers Disabling Eyefinity

Question asked by michaelwbell on Jul 16, 2012

Hi All,


I am not sure if i'm posting in the correct place or not. I've tried to search around AMD's sites and this is the only Firepro related forum I could find!


I'm writing quickly because I'm having some real issues with the 4 most recent Firepro Driver releases.


I'm using a Firepro V5800 and used Firepro 3D Driver - JUNE 2011 For the last year.

I did not update because I had no need to.


I recently purchased Video Copilot's 'Element3D' plugin and it will not work with driver So, I updated to the latest driver 3.911.3.4 and Eyefinity support (3 Monitors) was DISABLED!


I have since tried to update to any driver version after and they ALL will disable Eyefinity support for 3 monitors! Please help me. I have now reverted back to until 3 monitor support is back! My setup: Firepro V5800 connected to 3 monitors (DVI + 2x passive Displayport adapters to DVI).


The 3 monitors worked fine together using 2 passive adapters for 2 years now. I've used 'rollback to previous driver' to go back to again and 3 monitors are working fine right now. Just in every release after that, I can never enable the 3rd monitor!!


Would appreciate any and all help!