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    Windows 8 & 'ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200' Card Problems


      Hello, I am running on the latest version of Windows 8 Release Preview (Build 8400). I have all of the latest updates for Windows 8. The problem is with my graphics card, which is an AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series card. When running games, the game's graphics are heavily glitched with holes, missing textures, and parts of items in the game stretching across the screen.


      I know that the Windows 8 Release Preview Drivers provided from AMD do not work; it is listed on the information of the driver that it doesn't support the Mobility Radeon HD 4200 card. Additionally, the Windows Vista/Windows 7 Drivers do not even detect my OS, and as such will not install the drivers.


      However, I know people have gotten other drivers to work correctly with my exact card, so is there any way I can get my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series card to work on Windows 8 Release Preview. I have tried various versions as shown at this link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1086017-ati-radeons-and-windows-8-the-fix/.


      Is there any way at all I can get this card to work? I would love some input from an AMD professional.

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          Ok i'm new here but thought i will try to help.

          I just installed Windows 8 Release Preview on my laptop, and as expected I stumbled upon driver incompatibilities.

          My laptop (Toshiba Satellite) runs on a ATI Mobility Radeon 4200 series and like everybody else I got a lot of graphic bugs in most of the games I tried running.

          The problem of course lies with Microsoft's preinstalled drivers witch do not seem to work as they should.In order to fix this you must install older display drivers witch of course you can't because window's won't let you( the stock ones keep reinstalling automatically). After spinning my head I came up with this few simple steps to overwrite Microsoft's stock drivers.It may seem a little complicated at first but trust me if you follow the step's you are as good as you can be;)


          Step 1: Make sure you have the older graphics drivers (the ones that you are sure they work).Unpack them somewhere on            your HDD for later use(don't install just unpack, the idea is to have access to the .inf files for your driver)


          Step 2: Open Device Manager (Control Panel) & locate your display adapter (you should see some Microsoft's stock drivers installed here)


          Step 3: Right click "properties" and go to "events" tab. Here you should see a list of the latest events (which driver installed & when). Search for the file that has the .inf extension ( in my case it was "atiilhag.inf").


          Step 4: Go to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository (this is where Microsoft stores all the default drivers for windows) and search for the file you found earlier (using windows search).Once you found it open the folder that contains the file & copy it to another location (for backup purposes).This file contains information about which driver to install (open it and look around you should see information on the driver version and other stuff we don't need).


          Step 5: Go to the folder where you unpacked your older drivers( the ones that work).There you should see alot of files and folders.Here you must search for the location of the .inf files (mine were located in a folder named "Packages", but it may differ from software provider to provider). The goal is to locate the .inf file for your older driver. Once you found it open it, it should be almost the same as the one you found in the driver repository folder earlier( the driver version will differ of course) but probably it will have a different name. Rename this file to match the .inf file from windows and copy it to the folder where where you found Microsoft's .inf file (in the Driver Repository).


          Step 6: Go back to device manager and uninstall the current display driver (right click: uninstall). This should switch your screen resolution to a lower one(so you know the driver got uninstalled). After this right click any item in the device manager and click "scan for hardware changes". This will refresh your hardware list and a new item will apear (your graphics card, marked as unknown device. Right click it and select "update driver software" select "browse my computer" and browse to the folder where you unpacked your older graphic's driver (the folder where you found your.inf file). It should now install your older display driver without any problems.


          Hope this will help somebody, I tried to be as explicit as I could.

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              Hello colleagues.
              Well, first of all I must thank you ... it worked!. This procedure does work and works perfectly, and my PC is accelerated by the graphics card (Substantiated by the choice of hardware acceleration Google Skertchup) and everything works great.

              With your permission, I will be sharing this valuable information in one of the AMD forums Taringa I've seen that have the same problem.

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                hello follow all the steps until I install the catalyst of my driver, all is well, my video card is ati 4200 for notebook, the problem is that when I disconnect the charger for my laptop, or Sometimes, I get a error box called "c + + runtime atibmon.exe "I use the windows 7 driver called Catalist 12-6 with its own does not really know what to do I tried everything, but I do not have to wait until you release a driver for ati 4200 edition windows 8 , or is there another solution?



                thanks from chile

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                  Thank you very much.  This fix did the job!

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                    I did exactly like you described here (it also makes perfect sense and I know computer stuff).


                    The problem is, my old drivers are correctly installed (you can see in devicemanager afterwards) but the blurry text remains on Windows 8.


                    Computer is connected to monitor through HDMI.


                    With bad drivers the monitor shows: HDMI, 60hz ==> blurry screen

                    With good drivers (or basic windows default drivers when you uninstall it): HDMI (DVI) ==> sharp screen


                    Any idea why the real ATI drivers still give this problem? The engineering sample ones are deleted and not installed...

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                    how do i get the old drivers

                    for the graphics card

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                      look dude all what u have to do is:1.install ur latest ati driver software.

                      2. when u download it right click on it.

                      3.chose properties.

                      4.press on compatibility tab at the top.

                      5.check run this program in compatibility mode for: and u will chose windows 7.

                      6.and check also run this program as an administrator.

                      7. then apply and ok.

                      8.install ur driver software and i guess it will ask u for reboot.

                      i've tried it before 5 times and it works

                      good luck...

                      if it helps tell me pls

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                        Re: Windows 8 & 'ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200' Card Problems

                        Hello Sutnam, is to make the link with the old driver you have?

                        My notebook is the same as yours, Satellite Toshiba.

                        I have the same problem. I followed the steps you went through and found the atiilhag.inf file,

                        but the drivers I found I did not find the .inf file in the package folder as you mentioned.