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Unable to install Catalyst drivers using Windows group policy

Question asked by westcoaster on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by kcarney

Hi, I have 30 desktop computers with Radeon HD 6450 video cards. Initially had to install Catalyst 12.4 manually on each machine. I would like to update to Catalyst 12.6, but it does not seem possible to do so automatically. I am trying to deploy using group policy but when I try to add the MSI file I get the following error:


"Add operation failed. Unable to extract deployment information from the package. Run validation on the package to ensure that the package is correct."


I do not get this error on any of the other packages (Hydravision, SteadyVision, etc). I have tried all the solutions on Google, but none have helped. Any advice would be appreciated.