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Amd 79xx series, steam game crash on startup

Question asked by rept[ai] on Jul 16, 2012



We've recently released a game on steam (demo available for testing,, and ran into problems

on 79xx series cards. The game starts, and then just stops on the logo screen, no crash or anything, just stops. Attaching the debugger

reveals that it sits in the Present method (d3d9), going through GameOverlay (the steam overlay thing) and then the ati driver dll. No other

cards (even amd cards other than the 79xx series) exhibit this behaviour, so i thought i'd ask this forum for some help.


I should also add that if i switch the d3d9 runtime to debug, it's not just that i don't get any errors, but the game actually works!


Any ideas would be appreciated, as we seem to have quite a few customers with 79xx cards.


Balazs Vasvari,

Digital Reality


ps: the test machine has window7 64bit installed, and the latest retail catalyst drivers