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Disassembly in .isa intermediate file from clBuildProgram cut short

Question asked by openclstudent on Jul 13, 2012
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I am currently using  AMD Drivers to obtain the disassembly for OpenCL programs targeting the Southern Islands ISA. I call clBuildProgram with the "-save-temps" compiler flag to save the intermediate .isa file generated by the driver compiler. I have encountered a problem where when I attempt to read the disassembly of a long kernel, the .isa file cuts the assembly dump short. It seems as though there is a finite size to the string containing the assembly dump, because the assembly is cut short mid-instruction in some cases.


Is there any way to obtain the complete Southern Islands assembly dump for OpenCL kernels? Is there a compiler flag that can be passed in clBuildProgram that may dictate the length of the assembly dump to be generated?


I have attached a sample .isa intermediate file that I generated, in which the assembly is cut off.