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    clCreateImage implemented in APP SDK 2.7?


      I developed a program on windows 7 64b version. In this program, I use clcreateimage to create an image buffer object. The compiling is ok, but when i run the program, I got an error message like "cannot locate clCreateImage in opencl.dll".


      What's the problem?



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          more info.


          My system has an intel i7 cpu and a nvidia gpu. Does this configuraiton cause the problem?

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              If NVIDIA drivers are installed, this thread might be helpful for you. It looks like this is more of an installation problem, e.g., OpenCL.dll was not copied properly during installation...






              I still would put the original libGL files in place and replace nvidia installed ones before blaming the SDK.

              If you use elrepo for instaling the package, it will install the files in /usr/lib64/nvidia and this wont be a problem.

              The problem is because nvidia driver is overwriting /usr/lib64/libGL.* files.If you are installing driver manually, I think you can tell it to install those files to /usr/lib64/nvidia (I think there is a command switch which you can give to installer)

              Alternatively you can delete /usr/lib64/libGL* files and re-install mesa-gl (which will put original libgl files. If you are using your nvidia card to drive the display, this disables 3D support, but you can still use CUDA.