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Bulldozer dispatch stall for Store Queue full?

Question asked by mrolle on Jul 10, 2012

I'm wondering if I can monitor dispatch stalls caused by the SQ being full.

The K15 BKDG does not list a counter for this circumstance.

When I run a program under CodeAnalyst, and measure all the events in the dispatch stall category, I find that the individual events don't come anywhere close to the total (event 0D1) dispatch stalls.  My program also shows a large number of cycles where the SQ is full, enough to account for the missing dispatch stalls.

This is a question for AMD staff, most likely.  What I want to know is, (1) does STQ Full result in dispatch stalls?  (2) Assuming this is so, is there a PMC event that counts these, which somehow was omitted from the BKDG and from CodeAnalyst, and what would be the event number for it?