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Problems with latest AMD drivers

Question asked by jepremjan on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by yurtesen

Alright i got some issues with AMD drivers, as usual, in the meanwhile i'm trying to uphold my patience before ramming a gun into my video cards, cause God knows its my first and last time buying Amd/Ati cards, for there has yet a time to come where i install the latest drivers without problems.


Anyhow, enough of my QQ, so after the usual problems i finally managed to install 12.6, and it said that it successfully installed it afterwards, but 2 things.


1, my catalyst center still shows that i have 12.1 (yes i don't install latest drivers unless i absolutely have to even tho id love to, but knowing that every time there are so many problems id rather not to, once again unless i have to). So why does it not say 12.6?


Second problem, each time i restart my pc since of today i get the following error message, screenshot below:





Any help with these problems is appreciated


PS: Sorry the msg is in Dutch, if you are familiar with it tho you shouldn't have a problem recognizing it.


PSS: Im running duel 6990's if that is of any valued information.