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Can't find the OpenCl.dll

Question asked by antoiovi on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by nou

Tring to resolve some problms wit OpenCL.dll i did this work to reinstall the last SDK :

1) Downloaded the last Catalyst Software suite for my Radeon HD

2) Launching the installer;

3) The softwere is already installed and updated, so I only unistall the SDK;

4) Downloaded the last AMD-APP-SDK-v.s.t-windows-32.exe;

5) Insll the SDK..

But i can't find no file named "OpenCl.dll" no directory, neather ATI Stream neather system32 ..

I'm working with Radeon HD 5400 series, windows XP.

where can i find the Opencl.dll?

I'll try to download again end reinstall...