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V7900 2D line AA issue

Question asked by holo on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2012 by chris.axmann

Hi, I am developing Holomark 2, a benchmark tool for Rhinoceros 5.0.

I have been a longtime nVidia user and have just switched to you, but I can not get good 2D line AA with my card... And I am afraid it is a Rhino-issue or a driver-isse. Can you please shead some light on what could be wrong?


Please look at the images, one is from my dated Vista home machine with a geForce 8800GT card and the other is from my i7 workstation with Win 7 64 bit and the FirePro v7900 with the latest drivers (all drivers have had the same issues)


With this kind of linedrawing it feels like I have sat my screens at the wrong resolution :|
(And other users have the same issues with both the v7900 and the v5900 and probably other AMD cards too)


Thanks for all help.