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    V7900 2D line AA issue


      Hi, I am developing Holomark 2, a benchmark tool for Rhinoceros 5.0.

      I have been a longtime nVidia user and have just switched to you, but I can not get good 2D line AA with my card... And I am afraid it is a Rhino-issue or a driver-isse. Can you please shead some light on what could be wrong?


      Please look at the images, one is from my dated Vista home machine with a geForce 8800GT card and the other is from my i7 workstation with Win 7 64 bit and the FirePro v7900 with the latest drivers (all drivers have had the same issues)


      With this kind of linedrawing it feels like I have sat my screens at the wrong resolution :|
      (And other users have the same issues with both the v7900 and the v5900 and probably other AMD cards too)


      Thanks for all help.

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          can you please try to enable AA in the Catalyst Control Center. This should improve the line quality a lot. Please open the Catalyst Control Center and go to AMD FirePro->3D Application Settings. You will find the Anti Aliasing section. Please try disabling "Use application settings" and select Level x4.

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            We have also recently made the switch from older NVIDIA cards to the V7900 and have been very dissapointed with the antialiasing when using Rhino.  Is this issue being looked at to find an improvement?