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    Spotlighting Broken on AMD




      This is in direct reference to my question on stackoverflow.


      In using a standard OpenGL shader (compiled with #version 110), gl_LightSourceParameters's spotlighting seems broken on one of my tests, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250.  It works fine on two NVIDIA GPUs. 


      Can someone confirm or check if this is a driver bug?  It's running Windows 7; driver reported as 8.802.2.1000.  If this should go somewhere else, let me know.




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          Yes, this is possibly a driver bug. We will look into it. However, I would suggest that in a new application you don't use the built-in lighting state (especially if you're going to write your own shaders), but instead use user-defined uniform variables in your shader. This will likely work around the issue you're facing and also is generally considered better practice anyway. It will also work fine on hardware from other vendors.





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