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HD 7970 lag

Question asked by nvn on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by petar1980

I'm not exactly a developer but I was not able to find any useful info anywhere else so I am trying here.


Recently I bough HD 7970 as a present to my brother. Card is very fast and capable of running anything he can throw at it. Surprisingly, when playing a full screen game on the primary monitor and everything on the second (extended) monitor lags at a rate of 1 fps (even gifs in the forum). How is that even possible for such a powerful card? This is happening ONLY when application is in true full-screen mode (games) and not maximized borderless screen. Any ideas for me to try?



Win 8 customer preview 64 bit

Driver downloaded by auto detect tool from radeon support site. (win8 consumer preview.exe 64bit)