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C++ wrapper API and APP 2.7 new features

Question asked by cadorino on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by LeeHowes

Hi to everybody.

By now I'm programming OpenCL using plain C API but I'm planning to move to C++.

I'd like to know if using C++ API is needed to enable the new features of AMD APP 2.7, like OpenCL 1.2 support, or if these features are enabled also if I continue programming in plain C.
Moreover, I'm not able to find the specification of the AMD C++ wrapper (in particular, the list of classes/functions). Do I have to use the khronos one? If I'm not wrong, AMD extended this API, so I should rely on a different specification. Can you point me to it, if exists?


Thank you very much!