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Discussion created by albert_redditt on Jun 25, 2012
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I'm looking for assembly language documentation for the AMD processors.


There seems to be alot of different manuals depending on family and sub-family.

It would be nice if AMD did a technical white sheet , listing the opcodes of each processor type.


Processor1 , opcodes

Processor2 , opcodes that extend Processor1

Processor3 , opcodes that extend Processor2


Then I and others don't have to wade through 10-20 different 1,000 page manuals to pick them out.


It would be nice also; if the opcode listing, also included a long-name explaination of the opcode, ie..(Pack 2 double precision numbers into XMM_REG.)


Also why the need for FP add,sub,mul,div. since all numbers are integers,

you just take the decimal out and calculate where it would go in the answer and then proceed as an integer operation.

With ADD and SUB you need to align the numbers first so they are the same length of int and frac.


When you divied or multiply on paper you don't use the decimal, you just do integer operations and put the dec in the answer, where it goes.


The only place the FP OPS are needed is with trancendentals sin,cos,tan,etc..