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Windows, Cygwin ,OpenSSH, and GPGPU

Question asked by corry on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by djibi2

So, based on my quick initial tests, I'm guessing this is a longshot, but I figure, what the heck


As the subject suggests, I'm trying to run GPGPU apps on a remote box running windows.  I installed cygwin on it some time ago, but just decided to try OpenSSH on it.  OpenSSH itself is surprisingly easy to setup.  I checked, locally, with a cygwin xterm, I can run a GPGPU program no problem.  However, I pull up an xterm on the remote windows box, and try to run my program with no options, which should just print a usage statement, and it just hangs.  Anyone else tried this?  Got any hints as to what may be wrong?