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PerfStudio Can't Pause App

Question asked by danholbert on Jun 22, 2012
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We are trying to use GPU PerfStudio 2.9.1043.0 to analyze the performance of our game. The only way to get any info appears to be through the use of the Pause button. However, this is not working for us. We can launch the game through the server executable and connect the client through port 80 just fine, but when hitting the Pause button, a dialog pops up and never goes away. It has the title "Capturing frame..." and text that says "Connecting...". Both myself and another programmer let this run for many minutes, and it never came back.


How can we figure out what the problem is? Is there any diagnostic information I can look at? My hunch is that it has something to do with network traffic being blocked (although it did connect successfully, as I stated).




Daniel Holbert

Sr Engine Programmer,

High Moon Studios