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Catakyst error+Crashes

Question asked by quickscout on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by kcarney

1.Every time im trying to acces the Catalyst I recive an error massege that says something whit CLI.implementation...

2. Few week ago I was able to Play BF3 and any game on high settings and resolutions, but now, after I updated the GPU drivers, I cant play any game on high settings, If ill try to play the game on high settings, my Pc will crash(and make a wierd noise) frobebly before ill even get to the manu, but if ill try to play on the lowest settings&resolution ill be able to play just fine.


My GPUs are two HD5850 Extreme in Crossfire.

(By the way, I cant even enable the CF since im not able to enter the Catalyst...


Help me please.