Provide ACML_PROGRESS function also for dynamically linked ACML

Discussion created by illenseer on Jun 19, 2012
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It is great that ACML now also provides a progress indicator function "ACML_PROGRESS()" which can be used to output progress messages to the user while long computations are being performed. - This is a feature we requested long ago and we are very happy that it made it now into the release version! - Thank you for that!


Unfortunately now the user manual of ACML states that it is only possible to override this function with an own implementation if one does static linking. I.e. one cannot use the DLL version of ACML if one wants to use this progress function mechanism.


It would be highly appreciated if ACML was provided in such manner that this redefinition of the "ACML_PROGRESS()" function would also work with dynamic linking.


See the Intel MKL where this is possible also with the dynamic version.  (page 32)  (pages 2590 and 2594)


When reading the MKL documentation this is only possible with the multi-library version (i.e. multiple DLLs). So maybe ACML could also be provided in such a way (in addition to the "SDL" [single dynamic library] version as it is currently) then it should be possible to do it in the very same way as MKL does.


Any comment on this would be appreciated. - Thank you.