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Does CAL runtime support HD7970?

Question asked by Neverhood on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by Neverhood

Hello, everybody!


I use CAL/IL for GPGPU calculations on AMD GPUs. But it seems neither APP SDK v2.6 nor v2.7 doesn't allow to use CAL runtime for Radeon HD7970.

I can't tell you yet where the problem is exactly (my customer reports about this problem with HD7970), but most likely problem with kernel compilation. In "cal.h" header file there is no CAL target for Tahiti GPUs. I thought new  APP SDK  v2.7 would update this header file, but no, CAL Interface Header is still has version "1.00.0 Beta".


Am I doomed to rewrite all my kernels with OpenCL to have HD7970 support?


Best regards, Dmitry.