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Problem in results of analysis

Question asked by foofooli on Jun 12, 2012
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We are using the code profiler code analyst but we have a problem in viewing source code in the results. We used the 401.bzip2 benchmark ( from SPEC-CPU-2006 ) as input of the analyzer . As you may know, we had source code of the bzip so we compiled the code to get the .exe file, to do that we used the compiler option "cl /Z7 /DEBUG" ( using visual studio compiler. ). But in the results ( in TBP mode ) when we want to see hot-spots of the code the code analyst doesn't show the source code, it can just show the assembly code, and an shows an error massage: "failed to initialize Source/Dasm tab for module: Unknown Kernel Samples".

Is there any problem with compiler options that we can not see the source code?

Other information: we are using 64bit system, our code analyst version is "3.6.1197.1031" ( download from AMD website ).