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OpenCL-OpenGL Interop and multi-device

Question asked by etiienne on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by Meteorhead

Hi !


I'm working on OpenCL-OpenGL interop possibility. More precisely, I use GL for graphical and renderring stuff, and CL for calculation. I don't use NVIDIA SDK (neither AMD).


I'm trying to make it multidevice, but I'm not a GL expert and I don't know how to deal with context creation in a such situation. To initiate the interoperability, all I do is get the current gl context, using specificic method (wglGetCurrentContext for instance), and create my cl context with it. (it works fine)


I'm trying to have multiple OpenGL context at the same time (to work on multiple GPU), and get all these gl context in order to create cl contexts.

Knowing this, I have two questions :

- is it possible to have multiple gl context running a the same time in the same program ?

- if yes, how can i get there id ?


Thanks in advance,