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    How to use L1 cache on 7970?


      Hello everyone,



      I have a kernel that uses a global read only uint array where each work item read 18 address sequentially. i.e. All work item has a different set of 18 uints.



      I also have a global read only array of uint with only 4 element. The 4 uints are broadcast to all work-items.


      Now I can't (and also don't want to) use LDS for it both of the problems.



      1. Is it possible to use L1 in both the cases?

      2. I have set the kernel arguments like this as per the OpenCL Programming Guide May 2012 Pg 5-13.

      __kernel void mykernel( __global uint const  *  restrict key,  //18 uints per work-item

                                         __global uint const  *  restrict salt ,  //4 uint for broadcast

                                         .   //other args




      Is there anything else I need to do in order to cache the data in L1?