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    mfef95 died due to signal 11


      I'm trying to get a piece of Fortran to compile under openf95 and keep running into this issue.  I've narrowed it down to a pretty small section of what looks like pretty simple code:


      module nmod_global64

      type:: NMTNEURON

           real*8, allocatable:: state(:) 

           type(NMTNEURON), pointer::   nxtneu


      type:: NMTMUSCLE

           real*8, allocatable:: state(:), dstate(:)

           type(NMTNEURON), pointer::  MotorNeuron


      type:: NMTMODEL

           type(NMTMUSCLE), allocatable :: muscles(:)




      The actual data types I want to work with are more complex, but this seems to be about the minimum to invoke the signal 11.  Any advice appreciated