Why no AMD gamer laptops?

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Jun 6, 2012
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I know that AMD employees won't reflect their opinions, but I'm interested in the feedback of others: what is the reason that there are no AMD based gaming laptops?


I am the owner of an ASUS G73Jw (Core-i5 + Mobility HD5870), but I clearly remember, that it wasn't that easy to find solely an AMD GPU notebook, that matched my every need, not to mention pure AMD based, which was practically impossible. And the biggest problem is, that it still is!! Luckily it won't be for another year before I buy a new laptop (waiting for HSA and GCN based IGPs with GCN dGPUs), but if I had to buy one now, I would be in serious trouble. There is practically NO AMD GPUs worthwile in any of the machines.


In thin notebooks, Mac Book Pro has older HD6000 GPUs, and so does HP Envy. Razer X-Blade has Intel CPU, and most notebooks now have Kepler GPUs.


In larger notebooks, AMD is practically non-existent. Why is that? Even in smaller form factor Alienware, where it would be crucial to have just one processor with decent graphics, not even the 11" gaming notebook has Trinity. ONLY INTEL, and ALWAYS ONLY INTEL. Does AMD don't advertise these opportunities?


None of the games are CPU-limited nowdays, an AMD CPU would take on all the games just as well as an Intel CPU, but there would be lot better graphics inside when running on low power, When HSA comes in, and both the dGPU and the IGP will be GCN, Hybrid Cross-Fire will be a lot better too.


I very much hope to see the biggest brands (Alienware, ASUS, HP, Razer) to have Kaveri + Sea Islands notebooks in the very high-end.