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Setting GPU Scaling for Radeon HD 6900

Question asked by a.wolf on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by kcarney

I have a Radeon HD 6900 with three monitors.  I want fullscreen to maintain aspect ratio rather than stretch to fit the screen, because on my widescreens, other aspect ratios look like garbage in fullscreen.  Unfortunately, Radeon is extremely unfriendly when it comes to setting this up.


GPU scaling options are grayed out for each monitor when it is in native resolution.  I can get the options to appear when I lower the resolution of a monitor, and selecting maintain aspect ratio works while the resolution is reduced.  But anything that returns the monitor to native resolution removes the scaling, and I want the monitors to be in native most of the time.  I tried doing it through CCC and through Windows 7 screen resolution properties: in both cases it removes the preserve aspect ratio option.


What this means for me is that if I want to play a fullscreen game that isn't 16:9 and doesn't look like garbage, I have to change the graphics properties of one of my monitors manually first, and then change it back afterwards.  This is extremely inconvenient, and while I'm running the game it prevents me from alt-tabbing out to a different graphics mode (the graphics is still low-res unless I set it myself manually).  Radeon seems to be the only graphics card with this problem...every other card out there lets you check a box that handles it for you.  Is there a solution, or should I just get a different graphics card?