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AMD HD7850 and Cryengine3 SDK

Question asked by satanamd666 on Jun 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2012 by satanamd666

always if i want to load the map "forest"

the "amdkmdap" crashes with a  blackscreen  ( The display driver "amdkmdap" non-responsive and has been )

i already have try different drivers but still fails

my current version 12.4

i cant even work with cryengine3 to many textures = driver freeze with a blackscreen and crash

is there an way to fix this issues?

my System


CPU:Intel i5 760 stock clock

Motherboard:Gigabyte P55 USB3

RAM:4x 8GB kingston HyperX 1600+

OS:Windows 7 64bit

Graphic card:Gigabyte AMD HD 7850 OC Edition


thanks for reading