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uav_raw_store broken(?) since catalyst 11.12 on the HD7970

Question asked by realhet on May 24, 2012
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I have this very simple kernel to raise this error, please help and tell what I do wrong!


dcl_num_thread_per_group 64,1,1

dcl_cb cb0[2]


mov r0.xy, cb0[0].xy

uav_raw_store_id(0) mem.x, r0.x, r0.y




The above is working fine with

- catalyst 11.12 on the win7/64bit (the first drivet for 7970),

- catalyst 12.1 on Ubuntu/32bit (although it shows a transparent icon, that this is unsupported hardware, but even a complex kernel works perfect)

But thats an error to call this on newer drivers.


The error happens when I use the UAV: Every setup instruction runs without an error, but after runprogramgrid() the kernel freezes and the watchdog resets the gpu.


I've tried several combinations for the UAV: pinned/local/remote, 1D or linear, revert to componentsize=4 instead of 1, different uav index, but not helped at all.


Here's the ISA disasm, maybe contains useful info:

shader main




  s_buffer_load_dwordx2  s[0:1], s[8:11], 0x00              // 00000000: C2400900

  s_waitcnt     lgkmcnt(0)                                  // 00000004: BF8C007F

  v_mov_b32     v0, s0                                      // 00000008: 7E000200

  v_mov_b32     v1, s1                                      // 0000000C: 7E020201

  tbuffer_store_format_x  v1, v0, s[4:7], 0 offen format:[BUF_DATA_FORMAT_32,BUF_NUM_FORMAT_FLOAT] // 00000010: EBA41000 80010100

  s_endpgm                                                  // 00000018: BF810000


; ----------------- CS Data ------------------------

codeLenInByte        = 28;Bytes

userElementCount     = 2;

;  userElements[0]    = IMM_UAV, 0, s[4:7]

;  userElements[1]    = IMM_CONST_BUFFER, 0, s[8:11]

extUserElementCount  = 0;

NumVgprs             = 3;

NumSgprs             = 13;


Please help solving this weird thing. This uav stuff works on all cards, only the 79xx with the newest driver have this problem.


Thanks for your answers!