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    FIREPRO 2460 eyefinity


      I'm trying to use a firepro 2460 with a 3x1 portrait view display. When i have one monitor hooked in it can give me the display of 1920x1080 but when i have all three monitors up and grouped in eyefinity - it will not give me the option or correct resolution.. any idea why??


      i need all three monitors a 3x1 in portrait to fit our campain correctly in 1080



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          Hi Daniel,

          are the monitors that you are using identical? When creating groups the driver will calculate the available resolution for the group based on the native timing reported by the monitors. If all monitors report 1920x1080 the group resolution should be 5760x1080 or 3240x1920 in portrait mode. If this is not the case it might be that the monitors are reporting different native resolutions.


          What is actually the resolution you are getting after grouping all 3 monitors?

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              That’s what I thought I would be getting , but unfortunately it was only

              giving me options that weren’t even close, we have come to the conclusion

              that the screens weren’t reporting 1080x1920 but when I only have one

              monitor it does, when I group them it’s not even close.  We uses the edid

              emulator to fool it into thinking it was a 1080 screen but I want to see if

              there is another solution.




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