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      oclutil is header-only template library created for ease of C++ based OpenCL development. Vector arithmetic and multidevice computation is supported. The code is publicly available at https://github.com/ddemidov/oclutil.

      There are probably dozen other projects with the same name, I just could not come up (yet) with something less common.

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          Thanks for sharing oclutil. It looks to be useful library.


          I'm  going to link to oclutil in our list of open source tools on AMD Developer Central.


          Thanks again!


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              Hello Kristen,


              Thanks for the support!


              I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I decided to rename the project to VexCL (Vector EXpression template library for openCL) and moved the repository to https://github.com/ddemidov/vexcl . Documentation can be found at http://ddemidov.github.com/vexcl . I feel that oclutil was too general to be a good name for the project. Again, sorry for the trouble.


              The new short description of the project:

              VexCL is vector expression template library for OpenCL. It has been created for ease of C++ based OpenCL development. Multi-device (and multi-platform) computations are supported.


              Best regards,