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    Does not yet support the A10 on linux?


      I bought A10 notebook(HP g6 2002ax, A10-4600M(+7660G) + HD7670M, ubuntu11.10x64) for OpenCL Programming


      Ubuntu is running normally


      But, there is some problem on OpenCL


      I can find 7670M & A10-4600(CPU) for OpenCL


      but, I cant find 7660G for OpenCL(ckeck it use clinfo)


      I intalled catalyst 12.04 first and AMD APP SDK 2.7 next.


      Did I do something wrong? or


      AMD APP SDK does not yet support the A10 on linux?

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          Since a similar thing happens with my A8 notebook (HP dv6z-6b000 with an A8-3530MX and an Radeon HD 6750M), The problem is more fundamental in the driver, part of which requires that a screen be initialized on a AMD graphics device if it is to be used in an OpenCL application.


          If you use the command line aticonfig you can switch between the igpu and dgpu (rebooting may be required), but clinfo only recognizes the active gpu since that's the one on which the screen is initialized.  If you can hook up crossfire with the two graphics devices then the screen is initialized seemlessly across both devices and you should see both in clinfo.


          If you get this to work how I think you want it to work (both fully functional independent of the other), please let me know how.

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              Here's what I heard back --


              "My guess is that this is an HP BIOS problem.

              It sound like the laptop has both the integrated GPU and a discrete mobile GPU (?) and the drivers only see the dGPU.

              There are BIOS switches to enable / disable the GPUs.  I do not know if both GPUs can be enabled simultaneously – have not tried it.

              He should be able to run on the 7670M just fine."


              Is this helpful?



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                  I have the same problem on my toshiba Satellite-S875D (A10 + HD 7610M).  Both devices are recognized, but only one GPU (and the cpu) is reported with clinfo: 


                  jape@jape-Satellite-S875D:~/Downloads$ aticonfig --list-adapters

                  * 0. 00:01.0 AMD Radeon HD 7660G  

                  1. 01:00.0 AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series   


                  jape@jape-Satellite-S875D:~/Downloads$ clinfo


                  Number of platforms:                            1  

                  Platform Profile:                              FULL_PROFILE  

                  Platform Version:                              OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (923.1)  

                  Platform Name:                                 AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing  

                  Platform Vendor:                               Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  

                  Platform Extensions:                           cl_khr_icd cl_amd_event_callback cl_amd_offline_devices    

                  Platform Name:                                 AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing


                  Number of devices:                               2  

                  Device Type:                                   CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU  

                  Device ID:                                     4098  

                  Board name:                                    AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series  

                  Device Topology:                               PCI[ B#1, D#0, F#0 ]  

                  Max compute units:                             5



                  Any thoughts? 



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                We are working on developing a bios kernel as the A10 was not put in Kernal until late 3.7 and fully supported in 3.8 kernal

                • Does not yet support the A10 on linux?

                  I will have a couple of my guys run some test on a similar system tomarrow and we will try to get you a fix