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How to read performance counters from a virtual machine under KVM?

Question asked by nudgegoonies on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by nudgegoonies

I use Fedora 17 Beta with Linux Kernel 3.3.4-5 x86_64 on host AND  virtual machine and a qemu-kvm build from git wich already features the platform pc-1.1 wich features the vPMU. I use libvirt and pass the parameter "-cpu host" to qemu-kvm and acpi and apic are enabled. I still can't use perf, oprofile and papi inside the vm altough the availible counters are identified. Does the virtual PMU, aka Guest PMU, require an Intel Core CPU with the arch_perfmon flag (i read reports where people with these CPUs run oprofile) AND/OR an AMD family 15h CPU? The reason i ask is this part inside perf_event_amd.c:


     * If core performance counter extensions exists, it must be

     * family 15h, otherwise fail. See x86_pmu_addr_offset().


I use a system with two Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2356 and 16GB RAM and have to do performance analysis of a virtualized multicore machine with KVM during my internship. I am a computer science student. Another studend has already done it with XEN and xenoprofile.