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    ACML 5.1.0 GFortran downloads corrupted


      The gfortran downloads from the ACML download page (http://developer.amd.com/libraries/acml/downloads/pages/default.aspx) are somehow bad.


      The download page lists them as being approximately 65MB in size.

      When downloaded they are 8MB.

      Un-gzipping fails.

      The PGI and Intel downloads are fine.


      $ du -h acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit-int64.tgz acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit.tgz

      7.8M          acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit-int64.tgz

      8.5M          acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit.tgz


      $ md5sum acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit-int64.tgz acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit.tgz

      ee21093d8ae6e70079e6af5105c3e6b4  acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit-int64.tgz

      0f1152c1ba43f04ee87e7e6c46434779  acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit.tgz


      $ tar -xzf acml-5-1-0-gfortran-64bit-int64.tgz


      gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file

      tar: Unexpected EOF in archive

      tar: Unexpected EOF in archive

      tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now