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OSX Lion 10.7.4 update killed my kernel ...

Question asked by Photovore on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by MicahVillmow

-- new drivers, apparently --


(This is on AMD only; it works fine with nVidia and Intel i7 and Xeon)


fails with "Error getting function data from server", but the good news is that there's much more info in the console log, including:


5/10/12 2:29:21.792 PM Both operands to a binary operator are not of the same type!

5/10/12 2:29:21.792 PM   %34 = fadd <4 x float> %33, i32 %32

5/10/12 2:29:21.792 PM Instruction does not dominate all uses!

5/10/12 2:29:21.792 PM   %34 = fadd <4 x float> %33, i32 %32

5/10/12 2:29:21.792 PM   store <4 x float> %34, <4 x float>* %Y, align 16

5/10/12 2:29:21.792 PM Broken module found, compilation aborted!


... however, that's at a lower level than what I have available to me before I send off the OpenCL-C to the compiler!


Any hints on how to track these down?  Is it the case that I have an IL representation that compiled under the old version but now fails?  OR, is the IL itself the product of a new bug?  How can I tell?....


Thanks for any ideas!


[ I know that AMD does not support Apple-supplied drivers; just looking for hints or clues! ]


... and, for what it's worth, if I go back to unvectorized code (which worked before the update) buildprogram hangs my whole Mac Pro, requiring hard power-off....