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performance counters

Question asked by hansen on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by avk

Hi guys,


I am trying to access the performance counters of a AMD CPU of family 14h.


As I understand there are two registers of interest as documented in the bios and kernel developer reference of the  14h family (attached):


- PERF_CTL[3:0]  performance event select

- PERF_CTR[3:0] performance event counter


I set PERF_CTL[0] which is at MSR0xC0010000   to  value "0x400076" this should enable the counter and select event 76h


reading the value at PERF_CTR[0]  at MSR0xC0010004   it always return value ''0".


Are there any further registers I have to be aware of?


Please respond guys - I really appreciate your help.