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Any known problems with Bulldozer and Data Breakpoints ?

Question asked by Hellblau on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by Hellblau

Hello All,


i aquired a 8 core bulldozer CPU and noticed that when setting a data breakpoint in visual studio in a single threaded application [64 bit ] the application runs veeery slow within visual studio. running it multi threaded having the application utilize all cores blue screens the installed windows 7 64bit noting that a secondary cpu failed to [ answer or receive, cant remember ] an interrupt.


the win7 install is relatively fresh with only visual studio + AMD code analyst so i think i can rule out third parties.


so my question is if there are known problems with bulldozer cpus and debugging in visual studio, maybe related to having code analyst installed. i will check without codeanalyst when i am done with for what i need it currently.


if someone is successfully running a setup like mine i would like to hear about this too because then i will be able to aquire another bulldozer cpu to test if i just got an odd cpu the first time or if i am doing something fundamentaly wrong.