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    Bug in Catalyst 12.4


      Hey folks, just got notified to update my Catalyst for my ATI Radeon HD5700 series so I did (Version 12.4 Dated 4/29/2012).  Interesting problem popped up right afterwards.  My card is attached to my flat screen TV (I'm using the PC as a media center) via an HDMI cable.  When I turn my TV off for the night and back on again in the morning, I have no audio from the PC over the HDMI cable!  The audio properties show the HDMI cable to be unplugged but clearly it's not since I'm reading it on the screen.  If I unplug and plug the HDMI cable back in, voila!  Sound is back.  I have to re-seat the cable for this to recover, I've tried disabling and enabling the device, defaulting to external speakers via RCA cables into the motherboard etc....cable has to be unplugged and plugged back in again.  It's not the flat screen, I tried using different HDMI ports on it (I've got 3) and my PS3 and whatnot run just fine with all 3 ports.  It's not the Radeon hardware, the video and sound work just fine after re-seating the cable.  The problem started immediately after your last driver update so I'm quite sure that's where the problem lies.  I believe it's some kind of "sleep" issue??  In another words, for some reason when the external HDMI receiver powers off, Catalyst now treats that as "unplugged" and only the audio cannot recover properly when the device powers back on.  Take a peek please and let me know what you find.

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          I just did a system restore to 4/24, prior to the installation of the new 12.4 driver, on my Windows 7 x64 system.  With the previous version of Catalyst, the problem with the HDMI audio dying after the flat screen panel is turned off has disappeared.  It's definitely the new driver.

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            I am having the same issue, specifically it's when Windows goes into the "sleep" mode to stop transmitting data to the monitor that this issue arises.  I notice immediately because I almost always have music playing and it switches over to the only remaining output which is my headset.  No other measure aside from downgrading will resolve this problem aside from unplugging and plugging the HDMI cable back in (which is quite a pain if you are setup to not mess with the back of any of your equipment)

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              Same here, unplug and plug back in. I have to get up and do it lol. They gone old school on us!

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                Also having this same issue when I updated from 12.3 to 12.4, I thought that it maybe it was a problem my Microsoft Xbox Wireless Receiver, but apparently it's not.


                Windows 7 x64

                HD5870 running via HDMI

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                  Completely analogous to the problem. I have a graphics card HD6870. Updated driver to version 12.4. After updating, when the monitor goes into power saving mode (the monitor with speakers, connected by HDMI), lost the sound on the monitor (in the Manage Audio Device - Sound - says that the device is AMD HDMI Output is not connected). After rebooting, the monitor sound is restored, until such time as the monitor will not go back into sleep mode.


                  Windows 7 x64 - HD6870 - running via HDMI

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                    same issue here with ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

                    reverted back to 12.3 until a patch comes out.

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                      Registered for these forums to echo the same frustrations as everyone above. 12.4 is also causing my sound to disappear when my monitor or TV is shut off.

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                        I was gonna post the same issue here


                        Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits English

                        I have a Sony Bravia 46'' tv

                        Since i've put the 12.4 driver, i've bin having the issue where the HDMI audio would be offline in my list.

                        I'm using 2x Radeon 5770 in crossfire

                        The only way to make the sound apear is to unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in, or just activate or deactivate the crossfire, since it allow the card to look again for connection and then the card figure out that theres an audio channel

                        Then if i would change my tv input to something else than the HDMI-CPU connection, minutes later it would go offline, or if i would switch back to the HDMI-CPU input, it would go immediatly offline.  Then i would have to do the hole thing again...


                        I wasn't sur it was the issue since i,ve done a bunch of change, so i've done a clean install of Windows 7, then Windows did it's automatic updates and installed their driver for the ATI, after rebooting, everything was still working.

                        I've installed 12.4, immediatly after that, i ran in the same issue


                        So i've reinstalled Windows 7 again and installed back 12.2 and i'm ok

                        (I'd rather have a cleaned installed than downgrading drivers)


                        I know in the installation package, theres something named HDMI something and the version is a bit different, minor change in the number.  Perhaps they did tried to put the HDMI sound connection offline when your TV is not oppened or not on the CPU-HDMI input, so for those that had the HDMI audio by default would immediatly switch back to the next audio connection avaible so that you always get a channel ready

                        ...in 12.2 we don't have the issue because the HDMI audio channel is always on even though it's not connected to the right input...so if you have it as the default audio, you won,t hear anything while it's not connected...and you'll have to change your audio output to your cpu speaker for exemple...

                        It's a good idea but i think they need to work on that....even better because K-Lite is doiing the same if the HDMI output is not there, it's gonna go back to the default channel....then if you open K-Lite with your HDMI channel ready, your HDMI default is automaticly back....

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                            Disable the "AMD External Events Utility" in services.msc


                            This has worked for me.

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                                Where do you find this setting. cant find in catalyst

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                                    type "services.msc" into your start menu; it gives you the windows utility for messing with services.  Look for AMD ones.  You'll need to be admin.  It's not in catalyst.


                                    edit:  This is a bit like performing a lobotomy...  You could be disabling other important functionality.

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                                        Thanks, stopping that service worked for me.


                                        My Setup:


                                        Graphics Card:  Radeon HD 6670

                                        Monitor:  Dell Ultrasharp U2212HM  (second monitor on system)

                                        Output:  HDMI (using a HDMI to DVI cable)


                                        Problem.  Once my computer went to sleep and was awoken, the U2212HM had a blue garbled screen.


                                        Only way to fix it would be to unplug the HDMI cable from the graphics card and reinsert, disable the monitor and re-enable it, or something similar.


                                        Stopping the service fixed the problem.  Starting the service brought the problem back.  So that is the cause.



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                                      This did not work for me, I toggled it off, and disabled it.  Reset my HDMI for sound, came back to it half a day later with my tv "unplugged"

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                                        Also failed for me.


                                        Further description of problem:

                                        With dual monitors and the start bar moved over to the other one so I have continuous view, I see that the sound turns off when I turn the HDMI monitor/TV back on.  It still detects and attempts to use the sound channel when the monitor is turned off, but the moment I turn it back on...

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                                      Same here.

                                      Windows 7 x64, radeon HD 6850.

                                      HDMI audio worked fine with 12.1. Stopped working (shows as disconnected) after upgrading to 12.4. Downgrading to 12.3 solved the issue.

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                                        It appears the developers don't actually read their own forum?  At any rate, I just opened a Help Desk ticket with all this info to prod them a bit.  I keep getting prompted to update my driver to 12.4 and I just can't with this bug in place.  Has to be fixed.  I'll update you once they've responded to the ticket.

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                                          This bug is driving me nuts!  It has wasted so much of my time already.  I didn't think anything of it when the software told me there was a new update.  Go ahead and update to get the latest and greatest.  Now I constantly have to unplug and plug my hdmi cable to get audio going.  Sometimes that doesn't even work and I have to reboot my computer.


                                          I've tried disabling the service mentioned above.  Did not work for me.  I've also tried uninstalling the audio driver and installing the audio driver from a previous version like 12.2 or 12.3 and that did not work.  Also they forgot to update the registry key telling their own software that it has been updated to 12.4 so now their software still thinks it's 12.3 and will keep thinking it needs to update.


                                          What a mess.

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                                            All I did was uninstalled 12.4, Restarted PC, and reinstalled 12.3. It may not work for everyone.

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                                              Let me tell you, this is really frustrating.  They closed the ticket and told me to call their 800 number or send an email to tech support.....grrrrrrrr.  Forwarded the closed ticket email to their tech support email.  Eventually this will get fixed...if I have to drive to their building and knock on the door, it will get fixed.

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                                                Totally frustrating until I found this forum!  A bit of a relief to know I am not the only one.   Like everybody I jumped on the prompt to update and then tried everything everybody here has tried when I kept loosing my audio when switching HDMI inputs on my TV between the HD cable box and my XPS HT PC.  The video card is the Radeon HD 6700 and the ONLY way I could fix it was to do a system restore prior to the update to 12.4.  AMD appears to be clueless about the issue, so maybe if enough of us rant here and keep contacting them they will get on it and fix the bug.

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                                                  I'm having this problem too on Windows 7 64 bit, HD 6950 graphic card.


                                                  another odd thing, when I update or even completely uninstall and reinstall to version 12.4, in the Control Center under Information it says Catalyst version 12.3.


                                                  Whenever my monitor turns off for an extended period of time, turning it back in resuilts in loss of audio, saying the HDMI audio isn't plugged in. I've been fixing this by putting my computer into sleep mode and then waking it back up whenever the problem occurs.

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                                                    After installing the driver update 12.4 in my HTPC I started having the same issues.


                                                    I though that turning off the TV was getting the HDMI audio disabled.


                                                    So, I connected to the HTPC with Remote Desktop.

                                                    I turned OFF the TV, and I could see that the HDMI audio was still enabled,

                                                    But, when I turned ON the TV, the HDMI audio got disabled.


                                                    I did a rollback of the HDMI audio driver to the previous version, but the problem stayed the same.

                                                    Then I did a rollback of the display driver to the previous version, and that fixed the issue.


                                                    The updated display driver is probably resetting the HDMI audio when it start receiving a HDMI signal.

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                                                      Same problem here using Windows 7 64bit and AMD Radeon HD 6850.


                                                      I had a similar sort of problem using a AMD driver around a year or so ago but it seems to have come back with a vengeance on the 12.4 update.

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                                                        I too have this issue.  I get mad when I  sit and press on my tv remote by accident and it changes the channel...and then lose sound... 6800 series card here.

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                                                            Same issue here. I tried to deal with it for as long as possible but I finally just rolled back to 12.3. One less annoying way to get the sound back is to log out and then back in. It's a lot more simple than unplugging the HDMI. Still, this bug is a huge oversight and looks like there is absolutely no customer service.

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                                                            For anyone that uses a dvb-s2 tuner you might have realised that the channel 4hd blockiness problem has been fixed with version 12.4,but as you all say they have ballocksed up the sound.I just hope when they do fetch out a new driver update they don't break the channel 4hd again.

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                                                              Greetings, fellow travelers!


                                                              I hereby confirm that this issue remains. I'm having a simple (entry-level) ATI Radeon HD graphics card, and I noticed this lately. I had my computer to sleep (I'm eco-thinking and do that whenever I'm not on it), and after I woke it up, the HDMI showed video on my television, yet no audio. As I checked devices, it said that HDMI audio was not connected. Weird. This thing people suggest about pulling/reattaching the HDMI cable. Well, I suppose that works. However, I had another approach. I put the computer to sleep one more time, and then woke it straight back up. Now HDMI came up as connected. I had made sure my television was turned on by the time I woke up the computer. Not that it should matter, yet I did. Well, I'm now trying the approach with disabling the AMD External Events. Will get back to you with results.


                                                              And hey, AMD/ATI, get on this, will you?

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                                                                Same issue here...


                                                                I found info on the 12.6 Beta, which claims to have fixed the problem:



                                                                Haven't tried it yet!


                                                                Good luck,


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                                                                  ok i have a different problem after installing 12.4 a very annoying thing. you see when i had 12.3 my graphics ingame where normal no stripes on screen or anything wierd. Now the problem poped-up in update 12.4 some games showing difficulty in graphics example c&c3 and diablo 3 before i installed 12.4 those two where running great no problems after it c&c3 has ingame graphic failures like the mape shows little black triangles allover diablo 3 has black stripes, spots that turn black or blue. Can someone tell me whats going on. i have


                                                                  ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series

                                                                  chipname ATI display adapter (0x954F)

                                                                  DAC-type: internal DAC (400MHz)

                                                                  total memory: 1912 MB

                                                                  resolution: 1024 x768 (32bit) (60 hz)

                                                                  Processor: AMD athlon 7750 dual- core processor

                                                                  RAM: 4.00 GB

                                                                  type 32-bit


                                                                  can somebody help me with this isseu

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                                                                    I have the same issue with a Foxconn SFF AMD E-350 GPU via HDMI. 12.4 broke audio function when monitor turns off.


                                                                    Win 7 64-bit

                                                                    8GB RAM


                                                                    How could they not have tested this? It seems pervasive across products.

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                                                                        Same here, I have two 5450s and two PCs with 4290s on integrated to the mainboard/GPUs.  Every system I updated to 12.4, same issue with my 70in Sharp and my Vizio 47in and Vizio 32in, any monitor connected to HDMI seems to have the qurik.  If I override the EDIDE defaults and force a given monitor to initialize, this does reset the audio, but it is a PITA to do it every time.  I am also in IT architecture/engineering, and have worked as a developer off and on over the years, so I figured I would post this issue in the developer forum?  Nothing but silence, in fact, I was encouraged to not post this type of issue in the developer forum?  WTF?  Kind of ticks me off actually, this issue been well documented here and in the ASUS forums given the integrated 4290 GPU on AMD processor based systems.  It almost seems like ATI is ignoring the issue since we all have (older generation) video adapters.  Oh, and I run Windows 7 64bit as well.  Cheers

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                                                                        Cheers, my fellow companions. Now, let me get you up to speed on this. After first encountering the issue, I found this thread and tried the approaches involving disabling AMD External Events (under 'services.msc'), yet it was to no luck. What solved the issues straight up was installing the 12.6 BETA, which is linked above in this thread. So, that's the simplest thing to do. I usually lean a bit weak towards BETA releases, yet I haven't found a single problem with this one.



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                                                                            We have tickets’s for these scenarios which should be fixed in 8.98 & 8.981 respectively:

                                                                            • 352635: (G) HDTV loses AMD audio device if powered OFF/ON
                                                                            • 352696: [AUDIO QA] Audio switching between AMD HD Audio and  RealTek HD Audio not observed when Audio Source  is Turned ON/OFF.
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                                                                                dear kristen,all


                                                                                i have just purchased ATI HD RADEON 6770 and ccc updates has stacked to 11.11 .. though 12.4 is available


                                                                                pls advice what can i do ?? any fix available ?


                                                                                i changed my graphic card due to late start up of WIN 7 64 BIT system with black screen with cursor .


                                                                                seems though the new card did not fix my problem


                                                                                thanks in advance

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                                                                                    Same for me, updated to 12.6, and it seems fine, issue seemed
                                                                                    resolved, however, shortly after the update, the problem returned.  If
                                                                                    boot up my system and the HD TVs are connected (via HDMI), all is fine, but if
                                                                                    I change either of the HD TVs to some other mode, say normal TV, Xbox360, DLNA,
                                                                                    etc., and then return to computer monitor mode at some point, I sometimes lose
                                                                                    the audio.  If I turn off one of the two HD TVs and turn it back on, I
                                                                                    almost always lose audio but not video.  So as far as I am concerned, the
                                                                                    issue still exists.  I don't recall 12.2 or 12.3 ever doing this.






                                                                                    I have a Visio E320VL (VIZ0067) and a Sharp Aquos (SHP105B)
                                                                                    connected to two ATI HD 5450s, one per HDTV, but the issue also happens with
                                                                                    the onboard 4290 as well, for the system in question.  The only solution I
                                                                                    have found is to go into the Catalyst Manager, and force the given TV to be
                                                                                    reinitialized via the HDTV EDID override option, this seems to cause Windows 7
                                                                                    64 bit (well, the Catalyst driver) to rediscover the HDTV completely, and thus
                                                                                    restores the audio connection, what is odd is the video connection never fails
                                                                                    to respond, but ATI must understand the specifics of this better than I.
                                                                                    I only sometimes get the dialog popup that says I that I am using a DVI-to-HDMI
                                                                                    connection, which is bull, everything is straight HDMI from video adapter to
                                                                                    each HDTV.  But this maybe a clue as to what is going on?

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                                                                                      If you've got a Catalyst specific question, try posting it in the Catalyst forum here: http://forums.amd.com/game/categories.cfm?catid=428&entercat=y


                                                                                      You'll probably get a faster reply on the Catalyst forum than here on the software developer forums.


                                                                                      If you've got a Catalyst bug, you can file a report here:



                                                                                      Also, you can contact AMD support either by email (http://emailcustomercare.amd.com/) or by phone (http://support.amd.com/us/contacts/Pages/global-technical-support.aspx)




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                                                                                          Hi I'm having same problem as all forums,loose sound when powering off/on without able to reconnct without removing HDMI cable. I noticed that some have had success with the 12.6 beta, problem for me is that its for HD series 5000 and up. I have HD serie 4300/4500, whats best for me to try? Below is the driver version, What version should I be using?Capture 1.PNG

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                                                                                      Has anyone tried the 12.7 beta version? It seems like the same HDMI audio problem exists.

                                                                                      I haven't been able to upgrade for the past 6 months due to this bug.

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                                                                                      Hi there
                                                                                      i want to ask you guys if you encounter seem problem to me every thing it ok until i update the new catalyst 12.6 the problem is the output of the HDMI sound is distorted. It sounds tinny, sometime there is a humming noise whenever the sound plays and it happen constantly if i set the screen in HD resolution i rollback to cat 12.1 and still have the seem problem !!! please if there a solution help me T_T .

                                                                                      sorry if there is mistakes in typing  cuz English its not my first language  .


                                                                                      Greetings / Mohammad .


                                                                                      i forget XFX 7970 CORE EDITION

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                                                                                          I still experience the issue off and on, with 12.6 beta on, it is a bit better than 12.4 release, but it still happens.  Expecially if I boot the PC and the TV is off when the OS (Windows 7 64bit) is coming up, 12.4 would consistently never enable the audio if I turned the TV at some point after boot up.  Windows finds the TV if I turn it on consistenly, but sometimes the audio does not activate on 12.6 and later, I would say about 35% of the time now.  I have changed HDMI cables, changed PCs to test, etc., this is not hardware related.  Sometimes even now the issue happens when I change the TV from desktop HDMI connection to something else, say cable TV, then back to desktop HDMI, the audio has dropped out, the amount of time for the switch does not seem to be an issue.  This happens with different TVs, I have Sharp Aquous and Vizio models, and I had never saw this issue with Windows XP (older version of Catalyst, I think 11.x range) or Catalyst 12.2/.3.  When the audio drops, maybe 10% of the time, I get the pop-up dialog that says that my HDMI connection is through a DVI connection, so no audio support is possible, that is bull of course.

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                                                                                          Hey guys 12.3 is the only driver WITHOUT HDMI audio issues, some people have sorted it with 12.6 BETA. The problem is with 2D applications such as movies etc yet while gaming their is no audio issue even in latest 12.8. I've submitted a quick fix to AMD tech support and its tested in all driver versions and works including 12.8 and here it is.

                                                                                          Playing a game their is no need to do this, but if you want to listen to music watch internet video or watch movies follow these steps.

                                                                                          Open catalyst control centre

                                                                                          Click on my digital flat panels

                                                                                          Click on LCD Overdrive

                                                                                          Tick Enable LCD Overdrive then click apply

                                                                                          Reverse this procedure so untick LCD Overdrive and apply again.

                                                                                          That's it your audio will be working even on 12.8.

                                                                                          Please note you need to do this every time you turn on your computer if you want to watch vidoes music etc. Hopefully AMD will resolve this issue sooner than later.

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                                                                                            new bug ? , i don't know

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                                                                                              I am having the same problem with my 7970 using the latest 12.11 beta driver, hope this issue gets fixed soon as it's a very frustrating issue, I can't believe the problem went all the way up to version 12.11 without being fixed!

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                                                                                                now almost 9 month since i bought my ati 7970 and until now have this problem even in windows 8 when you will fix it .

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                                                                                                  The problem is not found in version 12.10 and I think it started to disappear from 12.8 and up, I wonder why it's found in 12.11 beta, maybe because it's a beta version. however it offers an incredible performance gains but as you see with a price of being unstable, hope AMD fixes this soon

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                                                                                                    I'm not sure where to put this comment, but I have tried all of the solutions proposed on this forum and I still have no sound. I lost sound exactly after the AMD update to what they are calling 12.4 on this forum, was installed. The update that seems to be called 9.961 in my device manager, a beta, did not solve the problem, neither did rolling back my drivers for display or sound. Another problem which may be related, a Windows prompt informed me that "kbdb.exe has stopped working" occurred at the same time. I did find a fix for this online, by uninstalling an AMD Catalyst component. Perhaps the two issues are related. I have tried all the combinations that I can think of of rolled back drivers, kbdb, catalyst betas and other solutions proposed here. No Sound.


                                                                                                    I expect a lot more from AMD. I have lots of equipment here made useless by a simple patch, which had profound and preventable consequences.


                                                                                                    I am running 64 bit Win 7 on a Sanyo HDTV, a 4600 series card.


                                                                                                    Could someone at AMD please give me a fix to this problem? If this is not fixed very soon I will be getting a new video card and it will not be an AMD.

                                                                                                    • Re: Bug in Catalyst 12.4



                                                                                                      here is the hotfix

                                                                                                      worked just fine on my pc