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    Preventing exit on ACML error


      Pardon my ignorance,


      I have some long running tasks that utilize the acml library. Eventually I get an error like this...
      ** ACML error: on entry to DLASCL parameter number  4 had an illegal value

      ...and the program exits. What is the suggested method for handling this type of error if I don't want my program to terminate when it happens? Using C++.


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          not sure if it helps, but this occurs only during the method call to dgelsd_

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              This is a default feature of blas and lapack.  The program exit is implemented in XERBLA, a Fortran error handling routine.  You can see the source for this routine at the netlib blas code repository.  You will see that there is a Fortran STOP statement, and this causes the program to exit.


              You can change this by providing your own XERBLA routine.  You can write this in C as long as the argument list conforms to Fortran's call-by-reference interface.  If you are using gcc, it might be just as easy to grab the default xerbla.f, remove the STOP, and then compile with gfortran.