gDEBugger crash

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by urishomroni

I have started using the new gDEBugger under Win7 64-bit with newest Catalyst drivers, and there are two cases, where the tool crashes.


My application uses a custom made cl::Runtime class that enumerates all platforms, and devices that exist on the running machine, and it also creates one context for every vendor with CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL as a parameter (as it should work ultimately). Since I have an intel platform installed beside AMD (processor is Core-i5 430M). Problem is, when it tries to create the Intel context, the tool crashes. Later on in the application, I don't intend on using it, but the init() function of my Runtime class automatically creates this context. I do not expect gDEBugger to be able debug kernels running on an Intel CPU or IGP, but hey... I don't think my expectations are high if I want gDEBugger to outlive such a function call. Right now I got my class bypass enumerating the Intel platform, but clearly this is not a real solution.


Second issue: as I was writing about the second issue and looked deeper into the code I saw what is the source of it, and I managed to solve it, however I do not understand why the problem exists. All functions that do not explicitly specify a context use the _getDefault() function inside the wrapper. When the gDEBugger meets this functions (default cl::flush() function, or a cl::Buffer constructor with first argument as default...) it simply crashes. Why is this?