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    undefined gfortran references


      I have both the NAG 5.3 fortran compiler and gfortran on my OpenSuSE 11.4 system.  The NAG version of ACML, 4.4.0 compiles and runs the examples suite with no problems.  But an attempt to do this in the ACML5.1.0 gfortran64 directory produces multiple instances of the error:


      In function 'xerbla_'

      "Undefined reference to '_gfortran_transfer_integer_write"


      for the very first LAPACK routine after acmlinfo.f compiles and runs.


      I am simply typing 'make' in both examples directories and letting it run without changing any compile or link options.  IN the case of the error, the resultant link string correctly identifies the /opt/acml5.1.0/gfortran/lib/libacml.a location to link to, as well as -lrt.  Any suggestions on what libraries are missing to produce this undefined reference?

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          ACML 4.4.0 was built with GCC/GFORTRAN 4.3.2.


          However the new ACML 5.1.0 was built with GCC/GFORTRAN 4.6.0.  This new compiler is asking for that symbol that is not available in the older compiler.  You will need to use a newer version of gcc with the new ACML.

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