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Catalyst 12.4 opengl render to cubemap bug?

Question asked by fscan on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by kcarney



i think there is a bug in the new catalyst driver regarding fbo and cubmaps. it looks like it's rendering to the face and as soon as i switch the face to render, it forgets the old data (eg the content is the same as bevore rendering for this cubemap face). i think it works when i draw the faces directly after another, but not if i switch to other rendertargets inbetween (eg prefilling the cubemap sides with glclear in a loop worked, but rendering a shadow map in an intermediate buffer and then renderin the buffer to the cubemap face didn't).


i've gone back to catalyst 12.2 now, as this driver version seems to work.


anyone else has this problem? or is it just me? maybe i'm doing something wrong in the code and the new driver is stricter.


hardware: radeon hd 4850, device id: 9442

os: windows 7 x64